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The future of automation
Industry 4.0
Introducing BBS Smart Factory—an integrated ecosystem connecting data throughout the facility. Our high-end machines and ANT software create a unique system for transparency and efficient planning. With modular components, our all-in-one solution visualizes, optimizes, and streamlines production processes, enabling paperless production. BBS Automation Smart Machines enhance productivity and efficiency, bringing Industry 4.0 to life through our partnership with ANT Solutions.
Machine Connectivity

Allows machine communication with standard TCP and native PLC protocols (OPD DA/UA, Siemens,…), reading automation level data and storing data in case of loss of connection. Using this system, you can perform automated data collection from old and new machines for reporting and traceability, and make decisions based on real-time notifications.

Production Execution

Get faster, automated production launch with reports, automated production validations and counters, and machine status monitoring for later analysis through the production run. The production execution suite allows you to start production in the planned sequence, provides a view of progress, what the key KPIs are, and the current backlog of ongoing production. It also runs manual or automatic production reports with machine statuses.

Defect Handling

Defect management enables manual or automatic communication of the cause of the defect, the decision to report the fault, and the communication of defects to components. Using this suite, you will have faster and more automated fault reports, fault monitoring for further analysis, and real-time decisions based on notifications.

Digital Documentation

Digital documentation eliminates the need for paper production, making it an easier way to maintain a more up-to-date version of the documentation, and enables faster access to it, as it is stored in one place. By using this suite, you will display digital documentation to the operator (PDFs, images, videos), categorize documentation such as exchanges, quality control, maintenance, and full-screen mode.


The Paperless suite, allows you to present step-by-step activities to guide the operator during production and changeover, present PDF, image or a movie for each step and request production values from the operator according to standard technology. By using this suite, you eliminate paper from production, ensure that no production steps are missed, have greater control over the process and whether it is done according to the planned technology.

Interactive Meetings

Implementing interactive meetings can bring several benefits to an organization. In addition to promoting better communication between departments, these meetings also have the potential to reduce the preparation time required before each meeting. With a more dynamic and interactive approach, participants can engage more effectively, focus on relevant issues, and make decisions more quickly. In addition, interactive meetings can contribute to reducing shift changeover time by facilitating the exchange of information between teams and departments, allowing a smoother transition between different work steps

Online Visualization

Enables online visualization with better production transparency for operators and managers, clear visibility of production progress and problems with faster reaction based on TV data


Traceability uses scanning resources to match components and tools with further production, additional validation, automatic serialization, and label printing for completed production. The use of this suite will help reduce the risk of human error in using wrong or blocked components. The compliance process becomes easier and faster thanks to upstream and downstream traceability, and it generates a quick production history for operational traceability (operators, machines, times), including process parameter data.

Quality Inspections

Our quality inspections enable an earlier Recognition of unstable processes and faster reaction to quality results, fewer defects thanks to the quality plan made on time and the identification of quality deviations and the certainty that the quality of the production is checked according to the factory standards.

Reworks Management

Real OEE includes rework production, monitoring progress, size, and time spent in production, enabling a standardized rework flow.

Dashboards & Reports

With automatic and fast report generation, exporting data to Excel allows for customized reports with quick access to aggregated and detailed data.

Maintenance ANDON

Notifications allow us to have a quick maintenance service for failures, with the history and knowledge being kept in one system, allowing a faster maintenance repair time.

OEE Analysis

OEE analysis enables fast recognition of problems and trends, combining all data collected in one system with a basis for creating corrective actions

Master Data

Get much more detailed technology and a controlled and managed production process through the use of master data. This allows you to manage KPI thresholds, production targets or machine states, model production data, among other benefits.

Master Data Advanced

Enables advanced modeling of production data, manages production quality limits, reference points for machines and activities with actuators; Ready for rapid changes to model operator guidance and model plant technology specific processes

System Integration

The system integration allows to synchronize the interface to keep the same data managed only in a single system, reducing the time and absence of need for double production reports thanks to the automatic interface with the ERP, resulting in a faster and more agile way to manage the production.

Real-time Production Planning

Real-time production planning seeks to minimize costs by optimizing the production plan, reducing the number of changes and rework. In addition, it aims to ensure that production is carried out and shipped within the established deadlines. Based on the original plan and on the data obtained from the machines in real time, it is possible to carry out a faster and more precise planning, adjusting it according to the conditions and needs of the moment.

Machine Control

Machine control brings significant benefits to operational efficiency. One of the main gains is the significant reduction in changeover time. With the ability to set set points precisely and without human error, the machine can be adjusted quickly, resulting in smoother transitions between different production setups. In addition, managing changes in technology becomes easier by enabling real-time remote response. This means that adjustments and improvements can be implemented more agilely, maximizing machine performance and optimizing production processes.

Microstops Monitoring

Microstop monitoring on machines provides valuable insight into equipment performance and availability. By using actual machine data, it is possible to identify simple actions that can be taken to stop these downtimes efficiently. Also, by reducing the time required for manual reporting of machine states by the operator, the detection and response to such downtime is streamlined. With an in-depth analysis of the causes of machine downtime, it is possible to identify the underlying problems

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